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Our bonus program consists of loyalty and referral segments. All verified clients can avail themselves of it.
Each user who has passed our KYC procedure successfully earns bonus points based on trading volume. The bonus is equal to 0.3% of the volume of all completed sell and buy orders executed in Bulgarian leva. Moreover, each verified client has a unique referral link, which he/she can use to invite potential clients to use our services. The referral bonus is equal to 0.2% of all of the referred clients’ completed sell and buy orders executed in Bulgarian leva. Referred clients are those who have passed the KYC procedure and have not been clients of xChange.bg as at the moment when they received and used the referral link to register with us.

The earned bonus is calculated in points and a trading volume of 1 leva brings you 10 bonus points.

For example: if a verified client has made and completed an order worth 10,000 leva, the bonus he/she earns from this transaction is equal to 0.3% * 10,000 BGN = 30 BGN, for which he/she receives 30 BGN * 10 = 300 bonus points. If the same client has invited a friend to trade crypto on https://xchange.bg using the referral link in his/her profile, and the friend passes the KYC procedure and completes an order worth 2,000 leva, then apart from these 300 bonus points, the first client will receive 0.2% * 2,000 BGN = 4 BGN * 10 = 40 bonus points. The referred client will also earn bonus points: 0.3% * 2,000 BGN = 6 BGN * 10 = 60 bonus points.

The total amount of earned, used, and available bonus points are visible in the client’s profile under the Bonus program menu.
You can redeem the bonus points you have earned to buy one of the supported cryptocurrencies and stablecoins on https://xchange.bg. To redeem your points, you need to visit the Bonus program menu in your profile.
To be able to redeem your bonus you need to earn at least 1,000 bonus points.
If you decide to redeem your bonus points, you can do it only if you use up the entire available balance of earned bonus points in your profile.